Thursday, July 9, 2009

I didn't Kill anyone (yet)

At work I have an automatic reminder set for everyday at 4:45. It says "Three things that went well" I put it up after some speaker somewhere said if I did this for 30 days straight I'd have a better outlook on life. (Come to think of it started doing it back at the end of March, and things have gotten better.) Anyways some days work seems so stressful and I feel at my wits end. On those days all I can get out is, "i didn't kill anyone." Optimistic right? Anyways today was one of those days.

Now sometimes typed words don't really convey accurate meaning. I'm not saying the day was really all that bad, its just my sarcastic sense of humor, that finds it funny if the only thing good was I didn't kill anyone.

Anyways in the spirit of the glass being a quarter full here are some things that went well today.

I only visited the vending machines 5 times.

I only made one blog post during working hours.

I skipped out on lunch basketball; turns out the group played with some BYU football players, so at least I didn't injure Dennis Pitta.

My boss may have ignored me, but he didn't yell at me either.

My cubical floor is free of clutter.

I didn't incorrectly order 80 compters, and not realize it for six weeks.(actually maybe i did. I hope not.)

I won't be charged with sexually harassing my co-workers.

I did not injure myself.

I skipped lunch.--See number one.

When I see my work pile for tomorrow I'm excited for the challenge of being the only team member in the office.

And yes. I did not kill anyone today.

Well thats it for now. Its five o'clock after all and I wouldn't want to make the university keep the lights on for me.

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