Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm usually a pretty good actor. I've never been in plays or anything, but when I'm having a bad day I can turn on the cheery, positive outlook rather quickly. I'll go from midnight to noon day, on the outside atleast.

Well today my acting sucks. I just can't get up the positive energy. Everyone at work knows I'm having a crappy day. They're trying to help, and they are. The one thing about working at BYU, there is no shortage of good people willing to help you out.

And thats good, cause things have been really bad the last few days. I don't even know why. A week ago I was pumped, things were going good. Now the storm has come. I've been wondering if the fight is really worth it.

I went to Idaho this weekend. The old homestead. I love going home, cause I can leave all this crap behind. But this time it followed me. I couldn't shake it. Saw an old friend from high school that I hadn't seen in years, but that didn't exactly help.

It sucks, the wall is breaking down, and I'm not sure I care.

But its good to know the people I work with do. That might be enough for now.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Good bye mohos i'm taking an extended hiatus from all this stuff. I'll still check my email and text for those who have that.