Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Matis Fireside--Sept

Just got back from the Sept. Matis fireside. And man was it good. It was great to see the Matises especially Sister Matis. to see her up and about was great, and as always the transmission of love during the hug was "most excellent." The way the Matises feel about all of us, gives me great strength.

The speaker was Brother Coombs. He works on the Perpetual Education Fund. He spoke about how the program works, and the good it is doing in 3rd world countries. Nice to see; my favorite part of the presentation was seeing President Hinckley give his speech on the PEF during the video he showed. It was good to see Brother Hinckley again.

A couple other notes from teh fireside. I thought it was interesting how some people who had ancestors come across the plains during the Perpetual Emigration Fund days, were still coming into SLC and paying for the loan their ancestors took out. Also the qualities they were looking for in the people they give the education loans to: worthy, ambitious, desire to improve, and needy.

Key to Zion, one heart, one mind, no poor among them. The PEF is helping the third world saints climb out of poverty. Its breaking the cycle of poverty.

The PEF never touches the corpus, or the amount that has been donated. All it touches is the interest, and the repaid loan money. Even with the economic downturn the PEF is able to make all the loans it sees need to, which BTW is about 40,000 in 2009.

Met some good people at the fireside. It was nice to see old friends again. I felt uplifted afterward, and I guess that's the goal.

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