Friday, April 9, 2010

Matis Fireside This Sunday

Sunday--Sunday SUNDAY

This Sunday is the Monthly Matis Fireside. These meetings are great. One hug from Brother or Sister Matis and you'll fell love like you've never felt before. Great chance to see other members of the Church who share the many of the same questions and feelings you may have with same gender attraction. These firesides have been a great relief from the stress of life for me over the past year.

This month they have a guy Jordon Jantz from the Portland Oregon area coming. He is a recent LDS convert, and formerly lived a gay lifestyle. I've heard him described as rough around the edges but with a heart of gold. Looks to be good.

The fireside is April 11th at 7:00 pm the driving directions are below.

Driving Instructions

1. Drive on I 15 (South if coming from north of Lehi or North of coming from

South of Lehi).

2. Turn East off of I 15 on to highway 92 ( Alpine /Highland road at

Thanksgiving Point) .
3. Turn right (south) at the second stop light (Center street-3200 North).

4.Drive south down Center past the Ivory Ridge complex on your left.

5. Continue through the round about at 3200 North , Center St).

6. On the left hand side of Center you will see the Chapel
7. Park in the second drive way.

8. There are several chapels in the area. Don't be confused. The chapel you want is the 28th Ward chapel on Center St- 3200 North.

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