Monday, June 21, 2010

An Experience I Heartily Reccomend

Shakespeare: Sure he is a great play write, but for me he has always seemed to be full of baggage. Not his fault, but hundreds of years has added layers of dust to his plays. Dust of tradition, of propriety of "high" art.

To me, Shakespeare seemed like the type of thing you had on your bookshelf and spoke of at fancy parties with cheese and wine.

Well a group in Utah is shaking the dust of Shakespeare.

The Grassroots Shakespeare Company performs Shakespeare like they did back in the Bard's day. No extravagant sets, in fact the group makes due with many anachronistic props, but they realize the core of Shakespeare is his characters.

Actors in Old England usually only got their scripts a day or so before the play, and the scripts only had their lines with a the lines spoken before included. Audiences often wanted to attend the premiers because they discovered along with the actors the characters motivation.

Grassroots has similar scripts, they also have no director providing an overarching vision. The actors control their character and play him off the other characters.

All in all it makes for a very enjoyable performance. Romeo is played superbly, Juliet is the fairest maiden, and the nurse has a five o'clock shadow and accordian. The players clearly enjoy each other and are having fun. But their dedication to their craft makes this play truly enjoyable.

Tonight you have the opportunity to see Romeo and Juliet in one of the most unique venues in Provo. The Castle, located behind the State Hospital in Provo, is a mammoth rock structure with a amphitheater. Its truly one of the seven wonders of Provo.

Shows are at 7:00 and 9:00, admission is pay what you will. For FHE or just a fun night, give the Bard a chance.

(The play runs through July 5th in Various Utah Locations. Click Here for more info --------------- Click here for directions to the castle


  1. Dang! That's super cool! I LOVE Shakespearian theatre. If only Utah were just a little bit closer to Wyoming. Sigh. :)

  2. How in the world with my love of theater did I leave Provo after all those years and NEVER hear about this? How!?!

    Also I am curious now. What are the other six wonders of Provo?