Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Evergreen random notes.

I Am. An appropriate name for someone who has taken it all upon Him. Whatever we feel He feels whatever we are he is , through experience in Gethsemene.

Not to say He is gay or he is a cancer patient or a prisoner of war or whatever trial you want., but to say He knows what it means to be one. He has felt everthing we have. Our joys our sorrows our hope our trepidation our loneliness our feelings of rejection. That is the essence of I Am. He knows it all. He is.

Many Trials are blessings. If God didn't want me to have ssa i wouldn't.

We are blessed-child of God- ssa can drive so stay close to the Lord-master behaviors thoughts and feelings- we are ment to assist each other

Bishop McMullin-evergreen has come far- highly charged group. Everyone has strong feelings on it. Much less is known about causes then is purported. Contest of opinions- increased acceptance of ssa makes it more difficult to stay faithful. Did he just speak as if gay marriage is inevitable? And things will get more difficult for those striving to be faithful-prophets are still watchmen-

To the leaders- doctrines of keyness- problems do not make us special. Don't define myself by the problem-God does not speak of us as a category but as a person. Don't use gay as me. I am not consigned to live the gay lifestyle. We are divine Sons of God-mortal conditions immortal possibilities- speak of intimate things with reverence- common or unclean-what God hath cleansed do not call common. he sees our potential. This is a mortal condition-sga by itself is neither good or bad. If the result is good friendships it is good. Thorn in the flesh- susceptibility does not enable born this way as a defense. Paul didn't lose his thorn. When i am weak i am strong.

Saw i am statue.he knows how to succor. We are all born pure- we can all improve-trials can be de humanizing- we will be blessed-God does NOT make it impossible to be moral-God denies none in comes to him. Priesthood blesses us.leaders can speak in name of the Lord- as man is God was as God is man can be-Saviour of all creation-he redeemes-church is not just social or just a church it is kingdom of God. When prophet speaks the debate ends.we all have

vexations that will leave someday-

How can Pain sanctify?

Marriage is possible but doesn't fix this

Men and women attraction is different. And not related for sure

Porn can mess you up badly


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  1. My response to your random notes:

    I'm coming to terms and at peace with the "vexation" or "problem". My attractions have been and are part of me and I am now okay with them being what they are - attractions for other men. God knows that I have these attractions and because I know that He knows it seems to calm me down and make me less stressed over feeling angsty about them.

    So, I will enjoy them for what they are.

    Marriage is possible, but it doesn't fix this. There is nothing to be fixed. I am not broken.

    But, living within His commandments is still where I find my strength and conviction.