Monday, September 13, 2010

Ramblings of My Brain at the Matis Fireside

So many promptings to share what God wants not what the speakers want-

follow the spirit. It may be life or death. Christ the gives of

every good gift . He can soothe-

life can be so hard for everyone-

i am not unique in my trial but i am loved-when we are alone the Saviour knows us-

lighter burdens li ke after indy and red blessed me-

give of this mountain, the Lord will be with me-you have good around this mountain long enough-he allows time for growing-

thou hast lacked nothing-i am strong give me this mountain-would i give up this trial if i had to lose all this learning? No- Temple is for safety-dc76 1-lead people with problems closer to the Saviour.

He can fix problems we can't- responsibility to tell what we've learned of God-whose am i-moyle temple mason-

sacrifice to fill our purpose-holy is set apart for sacred purpose-he that is able to keep you from falling-them was Sunday, September 12, 2010the last time had an answer to prayer or scriptures-glass of cold water to a little one parable matthew 10-law of witnesses-

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