Sunday, January 9, 2011

Notes from Jan Matis fireside

God knows we must endure. If we give up he won
We must find God's mission for us. It's not too late. Read nephi, jacob, mormon and moroni 's last chapter. God knows how to save me. And us. Somedays getting out of bed is enduring well . Take strengths and use them against weaknesses. Lord is bound when we do what he says. He not we have no promise. Or at his depareuion. It will be a perfect judgment. Too much guilt. Do the best we can . We should not condemn harshly those who sin in ways other than ours. Left game justice. Right game is mercy. Sometimes we think we've left the gospel when we haven't. Tendency and weakness are not sin unless acted on. It only lasts as long as it needs to get back. Eternal life is living like God Much progression after this life. God is not a failure. God is merciful to ignorance. Write down the things i know of my experience that Jesus knows because of his. E understands our experience. Surges in blessings require harsh trials.

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