Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Gift of my SGA

One of the blessings of my sga is i have the gift to be able to listen.  

I listened to the Pi Rat, and his girl problems, and successes, I listened to squid and his girl problems, and i listened to the artist and his friend issues.  I think i helped in each situation by listened and trying to understand.  

It felt good

Sunday, July 29, 2012

There is still "no going back"

"no going back" The title of a book i read about a young SGA boy in oregon. The idea is there is no going back, once people know.

It's a good warning. I was talking my new roommate tonight, and the subject turned to "gay" not sga. I tried to converse as best i could, make good points, and not show i was very aware of all the issues. At one point the thought came into my head, "ahh, just tell him. This is a great opportunity"

I didn't act. I've thought about telling him, he's a friend, and we have a common friend who is gay. I may tell him.

BUT it will be planned, not just a impulse.

Now you may say, "but the timing was perfect, it'll be awkward to bring it up later"

I actually think the timing would be more awkward to "come out" in a conversation that is non personal and detached. we're discussing it abstract, and suddenly to make it about me woudl be different.

So if i tell him, which is a real possibility, i'll realize there is "no going back" you can't close this door after it's opened. I'll pray about it, and set up a time we can talk. Then I'll act, not be acted up.

Anyway, just some thoughts late at night. Telling people has been great for me, but i want to be wise, and thoughtful about who i tell, because, one thing is for certain, it changes things in the relationship, for good or bad.
Here is the book

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

v1k0u6: future,
v1k0u6: unknown
v1k0u6: faithful
v1k0u6: strongly likely
v1k0u6: happy
v1k0u6: strong
v1k0u6: i don't know
v1k0u6: alive
v1k0u6: probably
v1k0u6: friends
v1k0u6: please
v1k0u6: maybe
v1k0u6: bitter
v1k0u6: i sure hope not
v1k0u6: loved
v1k0u6: lover
v1k0u6: probably not

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It does get better

for me through Christ, the atonement, friends, and family. Life is much better. I know that God loves me, Jesus, is my Savior and knows what I am going through, and it is possible to stay faithful to the gospel and church, while dealing with same gender attraction.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

BYU-USGA Panel Thoughts

Hey Guys, here are my thoughts on the Panel from last night. I was out in the hall, but i was able to hear most of what was said.

One guy was married to a woman, but he downplayed that as "something that is extremely rare"

one of the others said they were planning on dating their own sex once the graduated and attending church because there are wards that let you do that.

the third was a girl, and i didn't quite follow her plans after byu.

the other was bisexual.

They talked about how they are converted to Jesus and the gospel, but not the church.

The 9th article of faith talks about mysteries. They implied Homosexuality may be one of these truths that will yet be revealed.

they said "don't ask someone who has just come out if they intend to live the gay lifestyle. What's the gay lifestyle even mean?"

I'll tell you what it means. Its romantically pursuing your same gender.

I guess I was frustrated.

The attendance showed just how hungry the BYU campus is for this type of info. I showed up 5 min early and the room had about 400 in it, but another 150 out side, many of whom stayed even tho they couldn't see, and had to stand.

here are some of the things i enjoyed.

seeing so many people interested in the event.

seeing people share experiences that I also had experienced, like being attracted to a friend, and the mortifying realizations that come as you're a kid.

seeing them, accepted, and seeing how they felt better about themselves.

some decent jokes

They were all members of USGA, understanding same gender attraction . a non official group that uses BYU space for its meetings. I heard some people in teh hall saying USGA actually stands for University straight gay alliance.

I found it interesting the group name has SGA, but never once did I hear them use the phrase Same gender attraction. It was always gay. I feel there is a difference.

I am thankful that they held the event. And for those who had the courage to put this on. Very brave to do so.

This is all based on my memories, and impressions. They didn't allow recording, so that's all I can go on.

I wish it would have been more of a faith promoting experience like some of the firesides, like the one held in idaho falls last year. I think BYU students would eat that up. It frustrates me that this is the main view that is presented at BYU.