Sunday, July 29, 2012

There is still "no going back"

"no going back" The title of a book i read about a young SGA boy in oregon. The idea is there is no going back, once people know.

It's a good warning. I was talking my new roommate tonight, and the subject turned to "gay" not sga. I tried to converse as best i could, make good points, and not show i was very aware of all the issues. At one point the thought came into my head, "ahh, just tell him. This is a great opportunity"

I didn't act. I've thought about telling him, he's a friend, and we have a common friend who is gay. I may tell him.

BUT it will be planned, not just a impulse.

Now you may say, "but the timing was perfect, it'll be awkward to bring it up later"

I actually think the timing would be more awkward to "come out" in a conversation that is non personal and detached. we're discussing it abstract, and suddenly to make it about me woudl be different.

So if i tell him, which is a real possibility, i'll realize there is "no going back" you can't close this door after it's opened. I'll pray about it, and set up a time we can talk. Then I'll act, not be acted up.

Anyway, just some thoughts late at night. Telling people has been great for me, but i want to be wise, and thoughtful about who i tell, because, one thing is for certain, it changes things in the relationship, for good or bad.
Here is the book