Thursday, June 13, 2013

It is finished

Five mountains climbed high in the bright stunning sky, as challenges to master and win,

First climb was euphoric, my body at the core it, was pumped and ready to run

second one not as easy, stomach a little queasy, what will happen, what monsters await

third one started smoothly, but fear made me woozy, was afraid twas a horrid mistake

Fourth one, was spontaneous, the climb extemporaneous, the fears slightly simmered but low

the firth was the scariest, the monsters the hairiest, the challenge i could not forgo.

quick prayer said to God, then out my foots trod, to face the shadow below

but the shadow was gone, when the summit i reached. instead i found loveness and clear

purpose in living in new meadows giving me comfort from darkness and fear

the shadow is gone now. And i hope that i know how to keep him at bay ever more

The worst of the climb was not crevice or vine, but the scared voice that said, "don't you go"

anyway, just got done telling my siblings. went well. really well. glad i did it, and glad i don't ever have to do that again

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  1. Yay! Good job! What a relief, isn't it? I'm happy for you.