Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thoughts on relationships from a long time single dude.

Been looking at love songs today, songs about deep, committed love where both sides give up, so they can meet in the middle. The type of love that endures, that heals, that lifts, that exalts.

I’m usually ok. I have good friends. Good brothers. Good support. But when I see this, deep commitment to another soul. I feel a hunger for it. A thirst. I want it. I know i'm missing something.

And then I think “well I’ll get that in heaven. God will give it to me there.”

And I think, "God I can make it if you’ll just let me know I can have that someday."

And I wait for an answer. The answer is, Maybe, if you work at it.

"What?" I think, "it’s not just a gift? I was thinking you’d just bestow it on me. Give it to me as a reward for faith and commitment."

“Maybe if you work at it.”

So who knows, it wasn’t a loud voice, it might have just been in my head, but a relationships isn’t a gift that is bestowed there is too much individuality in it. In both people, a relationship is something that grows through effort, it’s a plant that must be cultivated, not a crown that is merely worn.

So I hope to have it someday. If I work at it.

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