Thursday, October 10, 2013


Do we ever find joy?

The kind of lasting joy with permanence

Do we ever find joy?

The kinds that does not fade away

Are we relegated to slowly move from happy hill to happy hill,

With hundreds of miles of dark valley on the way

Do we ever find peace?

The kind that stays with us the night

Do we ever find Love?

The kind that lasts eternally

Do we ever find one, who loves us like no other

And does that one ever not be so gay

Do we ever find out?

What the purpose of this is

Do we ever stop hating

The drive within our sould

Do we ever not feel, like some outcast bastard son?

Will we ever find wholeness and love

Will the urges I feel?

Ever be pure and holy

Will the voices in my head?

Ever say something nice.

Will I ever be free, To climb up to my glory

Or am I doomed to be shackled for the rest of my life?

Will I ever love God, more than I do my urges

Will I ever know why, he let me be this way

Will I ever stop running, away from being happy

Will I ever even stop, and know the way

Will I ever not fear, the end of my story?

Will I ever be strong enough to pass through the day

Without doubts of myself, and doubts of His Glory

Will His Love ever stay, and keep dark away

When I Lie on my bed, after a life of ages

Will I be all alone, as I pass away

Will my family be dreams, just a made up story

Will I have what I need, to make it to that day

Does God really care, about people like me

Does God have a plan, that makes sense of pain

Does God really know, when im doing poorly

Does he love me enough, to show me the way.

I guess that he has, and he sent a Savior

Who bought my soul, with blood dropped pain

As he carried the cross, he carried my glory

If I make it through, to that judgment day.

Or so they say.

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  1. I have always wanted to see this side of your writing. It's amazing. Love you!