Monday, December 9, 2013

Church Changing

Just my thoughts on it. Re, marriage and the homosexual

My understanding is that God does not want gay marriage. The plan is between a man an a woman, and kids.

That's how i live my life, either through a life of celibacy, (attempted) or possibly a marriage to a woman.

I think there is a blessing in following that

Could the gospel be changed, or at least my understanding of it?

yeah. I mean people used to go get sealed to Joseph smith in the temples. guys and ladies, from my understanding. It was different than marriage.

i guess in my mind i could see a way it could be accommodated in the church

BUT that does not mean i think it will or should be accommodated.

because, what the Lord has called me to do now, is to follow the prophet, to follow the gospel.

Much like the members of the genesis group.

But i think it is much more likely that the Lord doesn't change the teachings. And i'm not gonna live my life hoping that it does change.

There is a path laid out. I can be exalted without marriage in this life.

Will the atonement change? NO

Will the truthfulness of the priesthood change? NO

Will the commandments to love my neighbor and God change? NO

Will 95% of what i am taught at church change? probably not

The church is living, breathing, and revelation does continue to come. "we believe ...He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the kingdom of God"

we don't have it all yet folks.

So the key for me, is live what i do have, BUT not get stuck on the idea that the church is unchanging. cause we don't' know everything yet, but when change comes, it won't come from ME, it'll come from those at the head. And if i think change is being revealed to me, it isn't, and that'll open the path for me to be mislead.

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  1. I love this. It takes courage to follow the will of the Lord when it runs counter to our self-interest. It takes greater courage to build a relationship with Him of such quality that we no longer have desire to do anything but His will. I am still working on that - and I've a feeling I will be for a LONG time :)