Friday, December 6, 2013

Deck the Halls

Christmas!  For many people it appears to be one of the greatest transfers of childhood memories and family tradition. 

Just read about how different countries have entirely different traditions, and the staying power becomes apparant.  Sometimes added too, but pretty hard to subtract.

Thanksgiving by contrast is varied, sometimes we'll go to a buffet, sometimes extended family, sometimes the church, sometimes just four of us.

But Christmas,

oh the joys of the Christmas tradition. Gingerbread houses, reenacting the Nativity story, children all sleeping in the same room.  Cold Cereal for breakfast (which was a real treat, we never had that growing up)  and so much more.  Presents, Giant trees, outside lights. 

I love it all

then on New Years Eve, we put out our shoes, and teh New Years Elf, fills them with simple things, jerkey, candy, a inexpensive gift.

I love how it is done the same that it was in my father's house, and with things added from my mothers.

And yeah, the point of all this was i want to pass it on to my children.

along with so much more.

but, inspite of my blog name, i'm more of a confirmed bachelor than ever. 

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  1. Chin up, camper! Nothing is confirmed, especially being a bachelor. (Well, until we're dead. But you've got a long time before that happens, right? Right?!) Anyway, I know it's very easy to say, "Cheer up, bloke!" but just know that you aren't alone, that there are others who are battling the same thing (ahem, me). You have to stay positive so I can stay positive. Deal? :)