Sunday, December 15, 2013

Neighbor, Hometeacher, Friend.

He's been teh only guy who's home taught me in years.  I was happy he came, for several reasons. It's good to be cared about.  It's good to have someone ask about your welbeing.  It's good to have a friend...And it's even all the better when he's one of those attractive men.  Not just in sight, but in person. 

He came, and i felt like we opened up and had a genuine conversation.  He said i was one of his best friends in the ward, which i found interesting.  I think men in general are so starved for friendship sometimes any little bit helps.  We talked about that, about how good it is to develop close relationships.  How good it is.   He is leaving, but he was grateful i had been nice to him--how interesting.  He seems to have it all.  He acknowledged that women don't give you everything, but men need men.

A culture change is coming.  The fear of close male friendship will leave us.  

He said a nice prayer for me, and we just naturally went in for a hug after.  He is a righteous man, and a good man, and a friend.  

I'm glad i had him as a hometeacher.  

I feel warm, comforted, loved, appreciated.  He thanked me for my example.  and said he knew i'd make it.  

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