Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Close to home

Came out to red spud today. 

I posted a link from a gay mormon on my FB wall, the second time in a week.  And he chatted me on FB

Wanted to talk about it.  We did for a while.  pretty soon i came out to him.  So there is another hometown person who knows.   Was good. He wanted to know how to help others.  Thought iwas stable!  haha.

But it was good to be out.  he wanted to refer someone to me. someone from the hometown 

It is good. 

and it kinda answered the question on my mind.  Do i need to be less open about this.  is my openness a bad thing.

Therapist thought so.  I imagine parents think so.

But as i talked to spud, i remembered all the support i'd received from coming out.  How hard it was not to be out.  and how much i was grateful for north star and JiM and all the other support groups and just fine individuals i know.  

Being out has been good.  yeah i deal with depression, yeah i have hard times, but it's not because i've chosen to receive support from others.  the support has made life easier;

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  1. In my opinion, coming out was difficult, but being honest about who I am (whether people like it or not) was better for me mentally than acting or hiding who I am.

    I am glad you are having good experiences with your coming out.