Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You are Good, You are Whole, You are Loved.

To the RM sitting in institute fearful of being found out

To the deacon who’s mocked, laughed and spat upon

And the old man, who is shaking with doubt

You are not alone, you are not condemned

You aren’t some little spawn sent from hell

You a child of God and a friend of mine

You are good, you are whole, you are loved.

Your mom may not quite understand why

The girls don’t quite catch your eye

Your old man, may care, but he just cannot know

What the hell you see in a guy

Your brothers may mock and the jocks, they may punch,

And you may get stuffed down in a can

But my brother there are those who’ll help you out

You are good, you are whole, you are loved

“gay’ “fag’ damn queer” are the knives they used

The scars ran long and ran deep.

The walls you put up to keep the voices out

Now keep out the friends that you seek

So my son, my brother, or even my dad,

Come out from your fortress closet

While voices will mock let one voice drown them out

You are good you are whole you are loved.