Friday, May 23, 2014

X men review and thoughts.

I really liked this movie last night.   Having Patrick Stewart and Ian McKlellan in the movie was great.  They are the Xmen to me.  The story was cool, and it was FULL of small details that fans of the series will love.  I love the moral questions in Xmen, I love the cinematography.  Some really cool scenes, including the one with quicksilver in the kitchen.  and breaking glass was used a few times, to great effect.

It was interesting to see Xavier and Beast, who are good people, just hiding out.  not using their powers for good.  Just wallowing in their own pain.  Beast was an enabler of Xaviers wallowing in sorry.  he may be willing to do good, but is a follower, not a leader in any respect.  Lost respect for his character, but then again he is a politician.

Magneto as always will do anything that he sees as needful, and while his motivation may be a better world for mutants, his actions are often horrific. 

The sentinels are pretty cool.  the deaths of mutants in the future are powerful, and while graphic, not celebrated, but full of sorrow.

Logically i felt things made sense, within the rules of the universe, and

final scene spoiler, don't read this


the final scene with logan at the school for gifted youngsters was really powerful.  i don't know how the got all the characters back for rouge, jean grey, beast and cyclops.  I don't know why it was such a good pay off for me, but it was.  to see these awesome characters back, who i thought were lost was really cool. and to see how touched logan was by it was cool.  and it was fun to see cyclops be the pretty boy jerk he is, and see wolverine have so much more control over his temper than he used to.   IN fact seeing the growth of Logan has been pretty cool.  Seeing the implicit trust he and Xavier have in each other.  when back in the original trilogy he was a loner, an outsider, someone who didn't need anyone.

i'm not a huge fan of swearing, but for some reason, the "f" word in this, as well as in First class, was delivered to great comedic effect.  Yeah, i'm a bad person, but it seemed to fit well. 

oh yeah.  some nudity of hugh jackman from the rear.  that, along with the single F word, and the graphic deaths of mutants in the future are the things i think you need to consider if you are wondering about taking small children. obviously everyone has their own levels of what they are comfortable/desensitized too.  but aside from those the movie was content wise like the new spider man.

oh yeah. there is mystic, who is a naked women with blue body paint covering vital organs....i almost forgot i guess because she had no power over me, but she could affect some of you non-mutants.


What i really love about Xmen is the gay anology.   And the brotherhood all mutants feel even though many go about it in different ways.

Professor X and Magneto are sometimes enemies, but always connected.  They want the best for the mutant race.  They have strong disagreements, but in the end, they are brothers.

One thing i've felt for a while, and felt strongly last night, was how connected we really are as dudes, who like dude or chicks for chicks.  We have disagreements on how to deal with it.  But we all know what it's like to be different, to come out to ourselves.  to realize the future we were raised to hope fore, is probably not ours.   To fear rejection by our parents, God, Friends, and even ourselves.  And to finally find a community with people like us.  People who  don't care that we like dudes, cause they do too.  To have some old friends leave us, to have some old friends be our support.  

and we do have some differences for sure.  And i'm not gonna say one side is Professor X and teh other Magneto, cause it doesn't matter.  What i want for myself and our family of gays, is healthier lives, less self hate, less suicide, and more love, from ourselves adn the world. 

I recently saw a video documenting the problem homeless gay youth face in Los Angeles

Seriously those kids need love and support, and help out of that hellish situation.  Celibacy may be my path, but i think everyone would agree that a stable same sex relationship is much better than a street life of drugs, prostitution and rape.  And the very idea that it's just the wages of sin is ridiculous.

I just think of all the seperation i sometimes feel between teh different communities.  And i understand why.  there is certainly pain in choosing our path in the gay world.  But I for one am going to work on helping people where they are.  Helping them find healthy ways to live in their chosen path.  And recognizing the greatness inherent in all of us.  No matter what moniker or creed or group we choose.

Lets be united, in what we can be.  And let our differences shape our personal lives, but not pull us apart.

As Magneto lay dieing, in the future, his last words he spoke to Professor X, first his friend, then his enemy, and at the end, his brother, he lamented.   "All those years wasted fighting each other, Charles."