Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I feel the depression cocoon forming round me.   It saps my strength.  It takes my will.  It blocks joy.

Loves of my life barely bring  a smile.

The smallest task seems a deep chasm to cross.

I do not like who I am when the cocoon grabs me.  Sullen.  Comatose. Lackluster.

As it grows I near the world of the dead.  I fear it is my destiny.   I fear I will lose the self that I love.

Let me sleep but let  that sleep lead to strength not more pain.


  1. oh, wah wah, poor baby face

  2. You express yourself very well -- with the imagery you used, I can visualize your feelings. That is a difficult thing to do: face your feelings and personify them so the rest of us can understand. Good job, and I hope things start looking up :)

  3. You must trust in God’s perfect love and you must wear out your life in the pursuit of what is excellent, but if you try to secure God’s love through your excellence then, no matter how excellent your work, you will fail. Your work will only become an expression of your failure to trust that God’s love for you is already palpable and perfect.

    - Adam Miller