Monday, June 22, 2015

Sunday Conversation

"You take communion with your left hand you faggot. You know that isn't the right way. Why do you treat the holy as a thing of naught." I don't treat it as naught. The right hand is traditional. But not required. "You faggot. You have to be so different. You learned as a child to use the right hand. But now you mock it. You mock our Religion and you mock those who came before." It's true I was taught as a child to use the right hand. But there is no basis in the handbook for this. I see no directive to use the right hand. "Queer. You know it's not right. There is an unspoken order. You learn by watching, by mimicking why do you hate your family. Why do you make your mother cry." It's only the right hand dammit. It's more convenient. "The gospel is not one of ease and convenience. Your right hand shows respect. Your left shows your slippery slide away from the gospel. Away from your family. You hate them. You hate all of us." I don't hate. Not them. Not the church. But I do hate this guilt. So leave. You make me want to quit. But just leave me alone. "I'm always here fag. I'm here mocking you. You are so different. I live here. Ready to destroy you. I know you freak out. I will find a your weakness. I will push the crack. Spread the crack. You will fall. And I will take glory in your desperate cries for help which all will hear but none answer""

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