Friday, February 19, 2016

The Crush

The crush Every human being has a crush That other soul who make your red heart rush Turns your brain into a bowl of mush The universal Instagram loving crush They'll find their way into you heart Plant their seed with a dark art You'll be their captive from the start The lovie dovey who's my mommy crush. And then they leave. Suddenly they give you no reprieve The shredded heart beats heavy as it grieves Upon your bed your hopeless body heaves You can't fix the pain it's already done You wish there were two but you're only one Given the choice it's them over sun But their gone, and you're here, and the tangles where you two tangled are bare and cold Time may fix it. But years from now, you'll see a car or hear their call, and for an instant they are here again. For an instant you are whole again. But the car isn't theirs. The voice--you were wrong. And they're gone. Forever and forever, they are gone.